Flexible, Secure, & Simplified Payment Processing

United Systems' partnership with turnkey merchant services provider, Efexsys, provides UPM and Alliance™ G5 users with single-source processing to dramatically improve how your utility takes payments

One call for service

Instead of having to call different vendors, call United Systems for support for your payment processing needs


Simple pricing

Choose between a traditional or service fee model, with transparent and easy-to-understand pricing


Automatic imports

Avoid multi-step, daily file imports, via full integration between Efexsys, Alliance, and the Customer Web Portal (CWP)


Real-time payments

Rest assured payments are applied to correct accounts and customers won't experience erroneous late charges 


The preferred choice versus the competition

The following best-in-class benefits are only possible by combining your Alliance G5 with Efexsys:

  • Customer payment information saved on the CWP
  • Self-service and disconnect requests directly from the CWP
  • No redirects to a third-party payment portal
  • Securely protected and encapsulated customer data
  • Autopayment functionality
  • Direct card processing
  • EMV chip transactions accepted
Customer adding payment type to CWP account

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Combining Alliance with Efexsys simplifies the payment process and streamlines accounting procedures, eliminating manual steps and duplicate work so you can lessen the human element, reduce errors, and receive payments faster.

Let's work on a plan that helps your business grow and aligns perfectly with your payment processing needs!




Efexsys, LLC is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA